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Our Products

your Body, Mind and Soul needs

Orgone Generators

Orgone Generators change negative energy from microwaves, TV's, cell phones, computers, fluorescent lighting, automotive wiring, large electrical structures, high voltage lines and step-down electrical transformers, etc. into pure or positive life energy.

Crystals, Minerals

Crystals, minerals and stones of all sizes, shapes, colors and price range. Each individual, unique piece combines energy and intention to help you achieve a desired outcome. Find your best tools of empowerment, inspiration, hope and Love.

Wellness Products

We are a health enthusiasts that are always excited to advise, explain, and share healthy inspirations. Only few selected minerals and other wellness products after a careful concideration are offered. Make a healthy choice for your life today.


Selection of our Products

$40.00 $35.00

Orgone Dixie Caps

These Orgone Generators are most economical way to get most benefits. Best for offsetting harmful effects of Radio/Cell/TV/WiFi signals (frequencies)


Orgone Pocket Pucks

Small pocket Orgone Discs. Very portable, on the go, yet powerful to help you throwout the day.

freedom beyond all believe systems